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Medical Services (Pets are family. And you’ll do whatever it takes to keep them in good health for years to come. At MVH, we understand. We offer a full-service, 24/7 veterinary hospital, focused on providing the best veterinary care and customer service necessary to help keep your pets happy and healthy. Our prices are very competitive without sacrificing the quality of our services. We know that keeping prices low is another way we can help save lives. In all situation, we are committed to treating your beloved pets with respect, compassion and excellence.)

Hospital hours: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, daily

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Medical Services




Electrocardiography (ECG)

Parasite Control


Confinement services

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Soft Tissue Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

Anesthesia and Patient Monitoring

Patient Monitoring

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Local Anesthesia

Preventive Services

Tick and Flea Prevention and Control

Heartworm Prevention

Breeding Services

Vaginal Cytology

Caesarian Section

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The TLC your pet deserves in the comfort of your home. Please note that due to the mobile nature of the practice, on-line bookings are limited. Please contact the MVH at 452-3826 for more appointment times. Please fill out all fields before submission. For multiple pets, please fill out multiple forms under the same name and address.

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